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Radical Hospitality - Be Our Guest

We want you to come to the theatre.

So - what is Radical Hospitality?

In two words: FREE ADMISSION. A limited number of seats of select performances will be available at NO COST. First come, first served – show up at the theatre (box office opens 45 minutes before the show starts), provide us with your contact information, and you’re in.

Why are we doing it?

We want to share our art with more people. If you don’t get out much, we want to change that and get you on our audience team. We envision a community in which everyone who wants to participate as an audience member can do so.

How will we sustain this?

Our hope is that, as our community of audience members grows, so will the support of that community. Facing a financially challenging time? Come to the show on us. Things are looking up? Pay it forward by making a donation so others can attend.

Where did we come up with this plan?

We are borrowing an idea now in practice at Mixed Blood Theatre in Minneapolis, which has seen both their audience numbers and donor base grow as their community embraces inclusivity and barrier-free theatre.