Production History

"Theatre cannot get any better than that."

- Robert Reid, WR Record on Kimberly Akimbo

"[Charles Dickens Writes A Christmas Carol] is an extraordinary piece of theatre: funny, poignant and entertaining from the opening lines to final curtain. This show is also exceedingly well cast and the set design is both clever and simple. One of the best pieces of theatre I've seen this year."

- The Waterloo Region Record

"[Boiler Room Suite] is a spiritual meditation that approaches the important questions of life with humility, generosity and humour. It gives theatregoers much to contemplate."

- The Waterloo Region Record

"[Kimberly Akimbo] will make you laugh, make you think and make you want to reach out and embrace someone you love."

- The Waterloo Region Record

"In [How It Works] there is nary a false emotional note struck from the opening dramatic monologue through curtain call."

- The Waterloo Region Record

" This [Pearl Gidley] note-perfect production should not be missed by anyone who cherishes live theatre. It’s a gem."

- The Waterloo Region Record

Mainstage Productions

Radio Leacock (December 2004)

Vigil by Morris Panych (March / April 2005)

Cotton Patch Gospel by Tom Key and Russell Treyz; Music and lyrics by Harry Chapin (May/June 2005)

Eleemosynary by Lee Blessing (September 2005)

A Lost & Found Christmas (December 2005)

The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine by Leah Cherniak, Robert Morgan and Martha Ross (April / May 2006)

A Lost & Found Christmas (December 2006)

Falling: A Wake by Gary Kirkham (March 2007)

Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare (May 2007)

Some Assembly Required by Eugene Stickland (October / November 2007)

The Lion, The Witch and The Orchestra adapted by Richard Quesnel from C. S. Lewis (December 2007)

The Tinker's Wedding by J.M. Synge (February 2008)

A Lost & Found Christmas (December 2008)

Possible Worlds by John Mighton (May 2009)

Radio Leacock (December 2009)

Falling: A Wake  by Gary Kirkham (May / June 2010)

Harvest by Ken Cameron (February 2011)

Pearl Gidley by Gary Kirkham (October 2011)

An Infinite Ache by David Schulner (March 2012)

Cariboo Magi by Lucia Frangione (November 2012)

On The Inside by Dona Massel (March 2013)

Naked by Lea Daniel (October 2013)

How It Works by Daniel MacIvor (March 2014)

Boiler Room Suite by Rex Deverell (November 2014)

Kimberly Akimbo by David Lindsay-Abaire (March 2015)

Charles Dickens Writes A Christmas Carol by Richard Quesnel (December 2015) 

Pocket Rocket by Lea Daniel and Gary Kirkham (April 2016)

Charles Dickens Writes A Christmas Carol by Richard Quesnel (December 2016)

Doubt: A Parable by John Patrick Shanley (March 2017)

Charles Dickens Writes A Christmas Carol by Richard Quesnel (December 2017)

The Velocity of Autumn by Eric Coble (May 2018)

Staged Readings/Events

Naked by Lea Daniel (November 2008)

Blessings In Disguise by Douglas Beattie (October 2009)

Charles Dickens Writes A Christmas Carol by Richard Quesnel (Dec. 2010)

On The Inside by Dona Massel (October 2011)

Charles Dickens Writes A Christmas Carol by Richard Quesnel (Dec. 2011)

How It Works by Daniel MacIvor (January 2012)

Alien Guest by Dianne Lococo (February 2012)

Visiting Mr. Green by Jeff Baron (April 2012)

On The Inside by Dona Massel (April 2012)

Twilight Zone (October 2012)

Street Wheat by Mansel Robinson (April 2013)

Charles Dickens Writes A Christmas Carol by Richard Quesnel (Nov. 2013)

A Lost & Found Christmas (December 2013)

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams (January 2014)

A Requiem for Sherlock Holmes by Greg Oliver Bodine (May 2014)

Living Lit: Out of the Stacks and onto the Stage (September 2014)

Fascinating Women (September 2014)

Charles Dickens Writes A Christmas Carol by Richard Quesnel (December 2014)

The Young Ladies of Baddeck Club by Christy Ziss and Hannah Ziss (October 2015)

Harvest by Ken Cameron (October 2016)

A Thousand Clowns by Herb Gardiner (November 2016)

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time Adapted by Simon Stephens based on the novel by Mark Haddon (April 2017)

Dracula adapted by Robert Smyth and Kerry Meads (Oct 2017)

The Diaries of Adam and Eve adapted by David Birney (Nov 2017)

Moon Over the Brewery by Bruce Graham (April 2018)

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