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"Left" by Alan Daniel, used with his kind permission.

Cast and crew

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Kathleen Sheehy

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Nadia Ursacki

Stage Manager

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Reid Spencer

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Richard Quesnel

Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2020 @ 7:30pm

The Registry Theatre, 122 Frederick St, Kitchener

"...deeply moving and  surprisingly funny, a straight-talking, unpretentious meditation on Alzheimer's  and end-of-life suffering: 'Quality of life. Kiss my ass.' " - Philadelphia Inquirer

Gunner has an exit strategy. His wife, Peg, has plans to move them into a retirement facility.  Son Jack is caught in the middle.

"We're so smart these days, but too dumb to know when it's over," says Gunner, 

POST-SHOW DISCUSSION: Dying with Dignity Canada

Yvonne Cunnington of the Hamilton chapter of Dying with Dignity Canada will talk about assisted dying in Canada.  Yvonne is a retired magazine journalist with an interest in health policy and patient rights.  Q&A to follow.

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