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The Lost & Found Theatre Story

Lost & Found Theatre was founded in fall 2004 by six theatre professionals (Mike Peng, Kate Holt, Alan K. Sapp, Kathleen Sheehy, Nicole Lee Quesnel, and Andrew Lakin) as a theatre production collective in Waterloo Region, Ontario. In 2005, the company was incorporated and in 2006 became a registered charity. Our production history includes five world premieres to date of plays written by regional writers and developed and fully produced by Lost & Found.

An ensemble-based company

Lost & Found Theatre has been artist driven since inception. Our ensemble has consisted of actors, directors, designers, playwrights, teachers and stage managers. The membership has changed over time, but a unique professional environment has not: the ensemble covers most bases of theatre production from fundraising, to acting, to marketing, to hiring, to stage management and so much more. 


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